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Central Health offers the best in Chiropractic care.

At Central Health Chiropractic we do everything with belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself.
Leave behind the old “medical” approach and think of healing and wellness differently. Achieve health simply through specific scientific and evidenced based Chiropractic care for the body and nervous system.

Cold medicine doesn’t heal a cold, it just gets rid of the symptoms. Surgery is often risky, expensive and painful, and the recovery period can be weeks or months long. Every individual should have the chance to heal the right way, with as much ease and comfort as possible. Expenses should be minimized. Healing should be the outcome, not a possibility.

We help you to resolve the acute and chronic problems in your body so that you can live life to the fullest. Move away from being a slave to your body to becoming a master of it. To speed up the healing process and to get allow the body to function at its full potential, we adjust and fine tune the spine and bones in a way that allows the brain to communicate properly with the rest of the body.

“It is an honor and a blessing to be able to assist the miracles of healing that I have seen. We remove the interference and the body heals itself.” –Dr. Edward Newsome

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Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday 9am to 2pm   4pm to 6pm
available some Saturdays by appointment only